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Meet The Team

Who We Are

Teamwork is what BKS Home Services, LLC is all about. Learn more about our valuable members and our responsibilities. We work hard together and of course, we have our personal interests. We are truly a team, when you see us at work, you will know you’re in the presence of professionals.

Let us introduce our team...



As the Owner of the company, Brent is responsible for the day to day operations of BKS Home Services, LLC. Brent oversees the team, while providing valuable guidance and instruction to ensure each project is completed as planned. In addition to performing installations and repairs for our customers, Brent also provides customer quotes. He is very good at keeping our customers informed of the status of each project. Brent is a disabled veteran of the United States Marine Corps.
Brent and Kristi have been married for 28 years and enjoy spending their time off together. He also enjoys riding his Harley.




As BKS has grown, Kristi can mainly be found in our office ensuring our customers are scheduled in a timely manner, and our team is where they need to be. She is very multi-task oriented, and she fields most of our customer’s calls and provides quotes. Kristi manages the BKS calendar, focusing on our customers’ requests. When not in the office, she meets with customers to provide on site quotes. She also completes installations and repair projects at customer locations.
Kristi enjoys spending time with Brent and family and, of course, riding her Harley as well.




Ben has a vital role at BKS Home Services, LLC. As Manager, he oversees the projects on site and directs the technicians as needed. He also provides quotes to customers on-site, or brings valuable information back to the office to ensure an accurate quote is given back to each customer. Ben performs daily installation and repairs for our customers, while utilizing his knowledge of the industry to complete tasks on time and on budget.
Ben is also a huge car enthusiast.



Office Assistant

Tracy joined our team in May 2023.  Tracy is a valuable asset to our team and works side by side with Kristi working with our customers.  She also works on maintaining our BKS customer schedule.  Tracy enjoys spending time with her husband and friends when not in the office.  Tracy's hobby's includes gardening, traveling, reading, and various crafts.



It didn’t take long for Shawn to make an impact as one of our technicians with our team and our customers. Professionalism to a tee, great creativity and never without a smile. Shawn brings fantastic service to our customers.  Shawn will continue growing with the BKS Home Services, LLC team.  Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren. His hobby's include travel and spending time with friends.




The newest member of our technician crew!  Jordan enjoys spending time with his "kiddos" and gaming.  Welcome Jordan!

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